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Management/Leadership Development in India

As industry in India grows exponentially, there is a paucity of training available that can help companies build leadership bench strength.  University-based programs are available and while tailored to the Indian market, tend to focus on traditional Western concepts of Strategy, Organization Behavior and the like.   Such education focuses more on cognitive skills then on the fundamental challenge in integrating Indian companies into a global marketplace: behavior change.  In addition, Western training companies have established local subsidiaries that provide corporate education that is more practical than that offered by universities, but which tends to rely on transplanted, western paradigms such as the Dale Carnegie or Situational Leadership models.  These were quite helpful in moving US management from “command and control” to more participative management styles.  But the Indian management challenge is not the same as the American challenge for which those models and others were developed.   

The growth of Indian global business poses much more challenging issues regarding leadership style, managing in multicultural contexts, hi tech management vs. low tech management and women in management.  This should not be surprising, since business practices are not universal in nature, but instead are a reflection of the unique culture, resource base and technical focus of each country.  The leading edge of leadership education in India is to focus on the Indian challenge and build Indian Solutions instead of simply importing Western methodologies.  The explosive growth of business coupled with the enormous changes in lifestyle and national culture requires a different focus.  It requires a custom mindset. 

The Mahler Co. is a global provider of leadership education and management development.  Founded in 1972, Mahler participated in the explosive growth of corporate training that helped move Western companies away from the command and control management practices that were successful during the Industrial Revolution, but which became dysfunctional by the 1950’s. 

Mahler’s research suggests that the key Leadership Development issues faced by Indian companies include:

  • Rapid and Flexible Development of Corporate Business Plans that Reflect Current Reality
  • Understanding and Using Leadership Decision Styles in Global Contexts
  • Managing Performance of Hi Tech Work Teams
  • Leading Change in Global Context
  • Managing Subordinates from Non-Indian Cultures
  • Coaching Multinational Project Teams

These skills are teachable.  But simply transporting existing models is not the solution.  Indian managers, whether they are working in the Business Process Outsourcing industry or in heavy manufacturing require training solutions that fit their unique corporate, cultural and national situation.

The solution is to provide practical programs that allow students to obtain hands on education by actually working cases and engaging in customized role playing activities.  This will allow them to learn how to approach complex management problems and effectively compete in a very complex global business environment.  This is where the Mahler Company differs from other institutions.  All our corporate educational programs are customized for each client. 

Also, whereas universities focus on theoretical knowledge using college faculty as trainers, Mahler faculty are retired executives who have been on the front lines of business.  While each of them has advanced degrees and significant university experience, their focus is on immediate and tangible success for the students.   The result is more effective managers and better leaders who are able to compete in a worldwide playing field.

While western originated educational programs have much to offer Indian companies, they must be willing to leave their conceptual models at home and focus on the unique challenges of Indian businesses. 

The Mahler Company is an international consultancy that has produced thousands of graduates the world over.  Our focus is on developing customized solutions that work in local national cultures.   Mahler combines the latest theories and cutting edge research with our instructors’ extensive management experience to provide managers at all levels the tools required to progress, grow and change.

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