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The fundamental beliefs and principles that guide the Mahler Executive Leadership Program distinguish our program and provide participants unique benefits generally unavailable in other development programs.

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The Mahler Company is an international consulting firm that develops leaders and assists them with  the implementation of business strategies quickly and successfully.

We combine extensive management experience with leading-edge research to provide organizations with the methodology and support they need to implement critical change initiatives. We do this by improving the skills and behaviors of organizational leaders, enabling them to increase the contributions they make. We also help them create business environments that are conductive to experimentation and change.

Founded in 1972 by Dr. Walter Mahler, a pioneer in the field of succession planning and executive development, The Mahler Company is recognized worldwide as a leader in improving the skills and behaviors of executives.

Thousands of graduates throughout the world have benefited from our management development programs, and many continue to avail themselves of the various continuous learning services we provide. Our Consulting Division designs training programs to meet specific needs and partners with organizations to help manage large-scale change. Our consultants work with clients using our Fast Change methodology to implement rapid shifts in strategy, structure or relationship to the market. Mahler also offers customized executive and management development programs for all levels, including senior, middle and first line managers and supervisors.

Why Mahler?

We are uniquely suited to support your needs for several specific reasons:

  • Our record of proven results is long and consistent
  • Our professional staff of consultants and faculty members include former top-ranking officers and managers who understand from personal experience and responsibility the daily challenges faced by today's executives.
  • The collaborative and team-based nature of our process is the most effective way to establish lasting change.
  • Our copyrighted tools - including design models, diagnostic techniques, skill development and implementation techniques - have served our clients well and promise the same benefits to others.
  • Access to a broad network of Mahler graduate executives who have experienced transformation with us through Mahler programs.
  • The benefit of our years of experience in developing executives to be more effective leaders.

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