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Executive Coaching
At Mahler, we believe that classroom teaching is one critical ingredient in successful individual improvement. Over the years, however, we have learned the value of individualized coaching. Our instructors have always spent one-on-one time with their students, but in the last several years, we have built individualized coaching into all of our programs. 

Our faculty coaches are unique in the leadership development arena.  They all have significant executive experience and advanced degrees. 

Coaching in the Context of the Classroom

In many of the corporate universities we conduct, our instructors spend several hours with each participant.  In these discussions, we focus on the interpretation of the many feedback surveys and assessments that a student is exposed to.  At the appropriate time, we work with individual students on their change efforts, back home action plans and leadership styles.  We also focus on their management convictions and career plans. 

Stand Alone Executive Coaching

We also understand that some companies prefer a focus on executive coaching as the primary intervention.  This could be for a high potential individual who is unable to attend a formal program.  Sometimes, it is for an executive who is also attending our AMSP and is facing a particularly difficult challenge that requires intensive coaching as well.

Our approach to coaching is to interview both the coaching subject and his/her boss regarding the requirements.  Following the development of a contract, we make heavy use of a wide variety of assessments and feedback surveys to get an accurate picture.  At times, we will make extensive visits to the client site.  Sometimes the bulk of our work with a coaching subject is conducted long distance. 

Because of the strong business backgrounds of our coaches, we tend to focus our coaching efforts on the individual’s management of his or her business.  Our expertise in change leadership and organization transformation is often brought to bear on these assignments.

Executive coaching is a growing part of our practice.  If you are interested in engaging an executive coach, please call Philip Janson directly at 201-797-4445, ext. 801.