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Course Overview

Leading Change: The Senior Executive Workshop

Are you struggling to achieve a significant turnaround?
Do you face rapid growth, recent mergers, and reorganization?
Has there been a dramatic change in your job scope?
Are you working to implement strategy on a global scale?
Do you encounter difficulties forcing your organization to change?

If your organization faces imminent transition, then Mahler invites you to attend Leading Change: The Senior Executive Workshop.

The critical leadership challenge is to develop and articulate a clear vision and use that to drive change. Leading Change: The Senior Executive Workshop consists of four 3.5-day sessions (at 3-month intervals) that will help you with:

Taking Charge of Your Organization

You'll be placed at the beginning stages of change efforts for an organization in trouble. What should you do? Where do you start? Using real-world cases, we'll guide you through the initial stages, identifying change opportunities and developing a framework for transition.

Strategic Alignment

Focusing on diagnosis and learning, you'll determine the root causes of the organization's situation and learn to align the various business functions of your organization to ensure they work as a team. You'll begin to apply your framework for change to your own organization.

Global Alignment

Today's general managers need to create and sustain performance in a worldwide business environment. How do you achieve global and cross-cultural objectives yet still retain a sharp focus on local business efforts? We'll show you how your leadership impacts customers and employees around the world.

Your Leadership Role

Your personal progress is critical to the success of your business change efforts. Over the duration of the course, our facilitators will work closely with you, continuing to hone your personal skill in change efforts. We'll show you how to adapt your change plans (and your personal style) to the unexpected developments that occur in dynamic business environments.

Work with your colleagues between classes Between modules, you will work on a change project in your own organization. You will receive guidance for your critical change endeavors and work on real-time solutions.

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