Mahler Co.

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The Mahler Company has conducted executive development programs for executives from corporations around the world. The Mahler experience is one which affects participants throughout their professional lives.

The most effective endorsements come from those who have taken, and benefitted from, the program.

Participating Companies Have Included:

"The program made a real difference to my leadership capabilities by lifting me from the function I had before to a more person-interactive competency. These skills are important today, as we move toward greater employee involvement, and are especially critical for managers like me, who have to function in more than one culture."

Al Stroucken

General Manager
Inorganics Business Group (AI),
Bayer AG
"The most valuable for me was well-balanced combination of Mahler's practical knowledge and managerial experience with latest academic theories. Program of training was consciously though through, simply present with plenty of well-prepared practical cases. This was specifically relevant for me as not native English speaking participant of the studies. Mahler provided background information, which has helped to structure my managerial knowledge as well as personal advice, coaching and guidance on most relevant topics of business I manage. I strongly recommend Mahler's comprehensive training program for mangers in international companies."

Tomasz Skrzypczak (Group 1)
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"Back to school (Education Institute) after such a long time was a difficult decision, but the programme conducted by Mahler has proven the faith that I, had in it. The Group, The Faculty (Knowledge House), The Spirit of Healthy Knowledge Oriented Discussions, The Willingness to find a Solution, are features I am proudly associated with. Mahler has reinforced my belief that learning never ends."

Dharmesh Lamba
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"The program is well designed providing the delivery of fundamental concepts and the latest developments in the field of leadership/management. As a manager, I was challenged to experiment and to apply theoretical concepts to practical applications using the newfound skills in all the core disciplines. I would recommend the program to anyone seeking professional development for their future leaders in the global workplace."

Mark Gentle
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"The Mahler experience is as much about management education as it is about understanding yourself. Both are important tools in successful business. I would highlight the module about change, because ultimately all in business relates to change and adapting to new situations."

Rafael Alegre
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"A great team who takes time to address all the questions raised by the students during the course and in general after hours during dinner or while sharing a beer at the bar. I always looked forward to meeting with the Mahler team as well as my collages during the two years I spent at the CKP University."

Nicolas Brouchon
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"Mahler for me it means two fantastic guys - Chuck and Bob - who can make a show even out of the most boring lecture. They created a good program that made us look inside ourselves as well as improve relationships between people within the company. 'Financial' and then 'Innovation' week gave us fantastic opportunity to work on real projects and problems and create functional teams over borders and oceans. I am really looking forward to starting the last module and meeting my colleagues, which is the best recommendation one could get."

Grzegorz Popek
Operations Manager EEA
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"The Mahler Checkpoint University Programme has been the best overall 'General Management Programme' I have attended over the past 25 years.

The training methods had an excellent combination of theory and practice and added a lot of value to my everyday work.

My favorite modules were, Leading the Change, New Product Development, and Business Stimulation. On top of the self development, the programme was an excellent networking opportunity with my peers, from around the World and our Senior Management Team.

Thanks Mahler. "

Neil Matthews
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"The Checkpoint University program at Mahler allowed me to bridge 20th century business ethics and experiences, with 21st century corporate and market requirements. I feel now better equipped and up-to-date with respect to my skill base, and that in a cultural and study environment of checkpoint managers and executives around the world."

Geert den Hartog
Sales & Business development Director
CheckNet Asia Pacific

"Don't take the Mahler program if you are scared to get to know yourself, but if you are not then you will grow as a person today and be equipped to take on more professional challenges tomorrow."

Jan Ehrensvärd (Class 1)
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"Mahler helped me understand my own true potential"

Terry Clancy
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"Why Mahler? Because it can provide me with very powerful leadership tools that I can use not only for addressing opportunities, risks and challenges that I am facing today, but a long way to go."

Celine Chow
General Manger
Apparel Labeling

Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

"I am very impressed about the course. I think our group 'Spring 2008', is an excellent class with key mangers from CKP around the globe with many different responsibilities. Hence, it has been a superb benchmark exercise within the company.

I appreciated very much the way the different modules were conducted, their content and their professors. The information was current, relevant and thought provoking.

This is the best international executive education program I have attended, and I only can say a big 'thank you' to all of you for giving me the opportunity to attend this high-level program and to get the right people together to learn, understand, set.

Definitely learning I can take back to the organization!"

Javier Santafe
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.
"The AMSP was the most powerful developmental experience I've ever had. It helped sharpen my focus and develop insight into the leadership process, and myself as an individual and leader. Most important, AMSP helped me deal with the challenges of general management in a complex international and functional matrix, and become a far more effective business leader."

John C. Hodgson
Managing Director/General Manager
Electronic Materials
E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc.
"I cannot emphasize enough the tremendous support, wisdom, and encouragement that I have received from Bob and Chuck in addition to the world-class development that was attained through the Mahler Program. I am forever indebted to you and your folks for the knowledge and life experiences that were imparted to me. I look forward to my new career opportunity and to continuing my relationship with Bob and Chuck and the Mahler Co."

Todd Gelb
Enterra Solutions
"Two hundred Goodyear managers and executives from all over the world have attended the Mahler external and internal programs since 1993. They are unanimous in recognizing that it is the most valuable investment in education that Goodyear has offered them.

"I can state unequivocally that, more than any other program, Mahler has had a very profound impact in changing Goodyear from a functional to a business driven organization and in changing our culture from one of control to one of commitment."

Samir G. Gibara
Former Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

"I must say again that I have found the first two weeks of the course immensely beneficial to my work and personal life."

Damon Ring
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

"The Mahler program came at a critical time for us in the development of the Assurance tire and helped crystallize and coordinate our efforts. Mahler provided us with a structure and setting highly conducive to bringing a tighter coordination between our R&D Marketing and Manufacturing.

During long days and evenings, we were able to talk about our new product projects in the context of a practical curriculum on innovation, growth and time-to-market. In addition, we were able to learn from colleagues working on innovation projects at other companies. We did things differently when we returned home. The various functional disciplines were much more understanding of the larger picture, and we acted on our project as a true business team. Our work with Assurance has become a model for product development at Goodyear."

William Hopkins
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
"AMSP sharpened my management skills and helped me tremendously in the daily management of my team. The surveys gave me a better picture of how I was perceived and helped me take action where required. Interaction with other managers helped me solve some existing problems and made me look at future problems from more than one angle. I'm pleased that Ingersoll-Rand has an in-house Mahler program. All the managers attending the program speak very highly of it."

Sam J. Zalzal
President and CEO
Ingersoll-Rand Canada Inc.
"Every manager knows what it's like to return home from a program and lug home those big binders. The difference with Mahler is that I still use the binders I got in the course. They're not just gathering dust on my bookshelf."

Murem Sharpe
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Kelly Management Services
"Mannatech, Inc. is a publicly traded, $400M company which markets dietary supplements in 10 countries.  It was founded 14 years ago by our Chairman, Sam Caster.  Five years ago, we enlisted the Mahler group to assist in developing a strategic planning process and help in developing our management team to implement it.  Our goal is to become a premier marketer of unique dietary supplements on a global basis. 

Mahler has been very effective in helping us in institutionalizing our strategic process and building a world-class management team committed to fulfilling our mission.  The unique characteristic with Mahler that I sought is the fact that they are skilled at coaching and bringing new management tools to the process.  They always leave the company empowered and in charge of the initiatives.  With Mahler’s help, we now have a planning process that includes our Board of Directors, corporate executive team and middle management staff on a global basis."

Terry L. Persinger
President and CEO
Mannatech, Inc.
"I have been directly involved with Mahler and their principals for more than a decade. I find their ability to handle a broad array of management topics, team development, and individual development issues to be consistently value added to the needs of my organization.

Mahler can deliver short or long programs to a number of individuals in the organization that are custom tailored to the objectives of the business. They further have the ability to perform individual development and career building sessions which are very helpful to move high potential employees to the next level and to aid retention efforts for key people. They can be equally effective as meeting facilitators on difficult business situations.

In today's challenging business environment, Mahler works to understand your business, your team, and your organization's strengths and weaknesses so as to develop content that helps your business grow and move to the next level."

Dave Souerwine
Group President
McKesson Automation Solutions
"Mahler provided several benefits. The interaction and dialogue with my classmates and facilitator were refreshing. There was a renewal and polishing of past learned skills. There were many fresh ideas. There was a great deal of emphasis placed on knowing and understanding myself. Finally, seven weeks in an open discussion atmosphere proved to be stimulating, allowing me time to think and to share ideas with non-biased people."

Steven W. Brown
Director of Marketing and Sales
Motorola, Inc.
"As a result of my Mahler training, I became more interested in learning about management and leadership and gained a greater insight into the importance of developing people. I also learned certain management skills that I know I'll be using until the day I retire. Many are instruments we already had in the company, but the Mahler program taught me how to use them in a more thorough and professional way, and I think that's reflected in how I operate the company in Sweden today."

Lars Pettersson
Sandvik AB Coromant
"In a word, the Mahler process builds confidence. The sequence of assessment, feedback and skills building results in individuals that are self-aware, and thus capable of providing genuine leadership to the organizations they serve. From strategic thinking to organizational development participants gain the equivalent of a practical MBA over the course of one year. For a mid-market company like ours, Mahler provides the learning center that helps builds a company culture of forward thinking leaders."

Ed Breiner
Schramm, Inc.