Executive Leadership Program Group 2019-1 (Spring)

News for the Group

For our final week in Melbourne Beach, we will explore some of the crazy (innovative?) ways that hi tech firms manage.  One of those crazy geniuses is Elon Musk.  Check out this article on how he does not use any market research.

Elon Musk and the Dying Art of the Big Bet, WSJ-Nov. 30, 2019

Florida can be cold in February.  No, really.  I strongly suggest you bring a sweatshirt as well as shorts.  As promised, I will ensure that you have Wednesday afternoon to yourselves.  Past groups have spent the day at Cape Canaveral.  Others have gone airboating in the Everglades.  

If you can, fly into Melbourne Airport (fifteen minute drive to the hotel). You can get connections through Charlotte. There are more direct flights into Orlando, but it is an hour drive.