Our Approach

The Mahler Executive Leadership Program

This program takes place over the course of a year. Four modules of four days duration meet quarterly at four different US conference centers.

Four Learning Objectives

Objective 1Learn one’s strengths and weaknesses and use Mahler tools to enhance strengths and minimize weaknesses
Objective 2Develop insight and skill at Leading Organization Change through application of theory to a change project of value to your organization
Objective 3Learn how world class companies develop and execute strategy and how your company can do it too
Objective 4Understand and act on the interrelationship between leadership as a tool and organization culture as an output

Program Content

Leadership and Self DiscoveryYou’ll develop convictions and skills that will guide your transformation to becoming a more effective leader. Utilizing self-assessments, role-plays, instruction in management theories, and feedback from bosses, direct reports, and peers, you’ll increase your knowledge and understanding of your impact as a leader. You will explore the discrepancy between your intentions and actions and formulate action plans to bring these into alignment. In addition, you will receive an interpersonal toolkit that provides templates to help you in selecting and terminating associates, providing feedback, coaching and counseling.
Leading Organization ChangeIn this module you will explore what the best minds in the field have to say about the role of executives in leading change. Through tightly focused reading, organization assessments, simulations and case studies, you’ll discover the leadership practices that contribute to both successful and unsuccessful change efforts. Whether you need to turn the business around, increase the level of teamwork, move to a new organization structure or implement lean/six sigma, you will learn how to focus on the people side of the equation and to apply real-time solutions to your own business change challenges.
Strategy and ExecutionIn this module, you will be exposed to the latest thinking on strategy through class discussions of extensive prereading. You will be exposed to a variety of industries from manufacturing to hi-tech and be invited to make key strategic decisions regarding expansion, diversification and investment. In addition to developing strategic reasoning skills, you will also be exposed to a series of group leadership processes that have been shown to be critical to building the organizational capability to execute those strategies. You will learn how to use group process to forge reasoned consensus and motivate entire organization systems to achieve the strategy that you set.
Leadership and CultureIn this, the final module, you will consolidate your previous learnings and apply these to your role as a leader of organizational culture. Using survey feedback, you will explore your leadership acumen. Your readings in preparation for this week will allow you to experience how companies such as GE, Google and Ritz Carlton have built strong, adaptive cultures and how others have built cultures that lead to ultimate failure.