Our Faculty

The quality and experience of the Mahler people set our programs apart. Our faculty and consultants are selected for their business experience and ability. Each instructor works within the group for the entire program. Our people are unique in that all have considerable experience successfully managing complex organizations, as well as possessing strong facilitation and mentoring skills.


Faculty Biographies

John A. Uzzi
John, in addition to his association with Mahler, is President, Roy W. Walters & Associates, Inc (RWA), a 45 year
C. Thomson Roy, Jr.
Tom is the founder of Thomson-Roy Advisors, a consulting firm that works with companies and individuals in the US and
Mark Roeske
Mark is President/owner of ChangeOut Consulting, a turnaround, business development and interim management organization, located in Tokyo and Southern California. 
Robert Janson
Robert Janson is an emeritus instructor and consultant for Mahler.  He has over thirty years of leadership experience in a
Philip Janson, Ph.D.
Dr. Philip Janson is CEO of The Mahler Company, a 48-year-old consultancy founded by Dr. Walter Mahler.  Mahler is dedicated
Charles W. Dull
In addition to being a program director for The Mahler Company, Chuck Dull is currently President of Charles Dull and
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan draws on his Global Industry experience, as well as his expertise for his work with the Mahler Company.