John A. Uzzi


John, in addition to his association with Mahler, is President, Roy W. Walters & Associates, Inc (RWA), a 45 year old consultancy that specializes in organization design, change management, process redesign and quality improvement. RWA  led in the re-design of business processes, jobs and organizations, primarily in the insurance industry. John is a founding partner, along with Bob Janson and Dennis Attenello in that organization and has been involved with the Mahler organization for many years.

A component of RWA was subsequently merged with the Change Management practice at Coopers and Lybrand and ultimately became part of Pricewaterhousecoopers. Following his retirement from PWC, John maintained the RWA corporation as a home for his ongoing consulting work.

John is one of our best change facilitators. His career has focused on managing projects in industries from manufacturing through financial services.  His practice areas include strategy development, organization design, work process design, team building, and quality improvement. John is a master at managing change management projects. He is active in the Foundation Board at YCS, the Community Blood Service. In addition, he is Chair of the Board at NJPR and a Trustee at Westside Infant and Teen Parenting Program.

John is a graduate of Fordham University.