Mark Roeske


Mark is President/owner of ChangeOut Consulting, a turnaround, business development and interim management organization, located in Tokyo and Southern California.  Mark has worked in ten countries outside of the United States, but mainly Japan, Hong Kong and China.  His overseas experiences was originally to establish as a startup the managed services outsourcing business for Xerox (and FujiXerox) overseas.  His industry experience covers solutions and services, high tech, branding/corporate identity, telecom and hospitality in both US based but also traditional Japanese companies.

While Mark’s experience in the US covers a number of industries, the core of his background was mainly in the services industry with Xerox (FujiXerox in Asia) in the managed services outsourcing business.  Mark carried senior headquarters positions within Xerox and for nine years was the leader in many business improvement, business development and critical turnaround efforts within the US in both sales/marketing and production operations.  He was a divisional advisor in process management and design, leading numerous efforts in profit and performance improvement across the division. Prior to moving to Asia, he directed teams or individually performed turnarounds. The number of employees directly reporting to him varied from few to hundreds – within the various industries described above.

Mark is quite active in the American Chamber of Commerce, Japan and other business associations located in Japan.  Mark has participated in US/Japan Foreign Direct Investment seminars and supported the American Chamber’s policy efforts within the Japanese Diet.  He is frequently quoted/called on by Bloomberg News for discussion regarding events relative to the market and turnarounds.

Mark is originally from Southern California, has a residence there and is a graduate of the University of California at Irvine. While he has spent a great deal of time inside technology companies – his expertise is broadly focused on management, process, organizational learning and people.