“The Mahler program came at a critical time for us in the development of the Assurance tire and helped crystallize and coordinate our efforts. Mahler provided us with a structure and setting highly conducive to bringing a tighter coordination between our R&D Marketing and Manufacturing. During long days and evenings, we were able to talk…

William Hopkins The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

“Mahler has given me more direct and practical benefit than my Executive MBA. Period!” 

Tom Kimble President LeachGarner, Inc.

“In a word, the Mahler process builds confidence. The sequence of assessment, feedback and skills building results in individuals that are self-aware, and thus capable of providing genuine leadership to the organizations they serve. From strategic thinking to organizational development participants gain the equivalent of a practical MBA over the course of one year. For…

Ed Breiner CEO (Retired) Schramm, Inc.